Floating on Water: April 2007

Floating on Water

Friday, April 27, 2007

No Wheel ??????

Seat 1: SuitedAces ($1200 in chips)
Seat 2: G.C. King ($642 in chips)
Seat 3: mortimer755 ($150 in chips)
Seat 4: lillafoose ($801.50 in chips)
Seat 5: quietman ($673 in chips)
Seat 6: DDoL ($288 in chips)
G.C. King: posts small blind $10
mortimer755: posts big blind $15

Dealt to SuitedAces [ ]
FOLD lillafoose
FOLD quietman
RAISE SuitedAces , $15 to $30
CALL G.C. King, $20
CALL mortimer755, $15

[ ]
CHECK G.C. King:
CHECK mortimer755:
BET SuitedAces , $15
CALL G.C. King, $15
CALL mortimer755, $15

[ ] [ ]
CHECK G.C. King:
CHECK mortimer755:
BET SuitedAces , $30
RAISE G.C. King, $30 to $60
CALL mortimer755, $60
RAISE SuitedAces , $30 to $90
RAISE G.C. King, $30 to $120
>>>Betting capped
CALL mortimer755, $45 and is all-in
FOLD SuitedAces

[ ] [ ]

G.C. King: shows [ ] (a pair of Tens)
mortimer755: mucks hand
G .C. King collected $432 from pot

Seat 3: mortimer755 (big blind) mucked [7h 6h]

I got owned here, well played sir....

Thursday, April 26, 2007


This past weekend was a ton of fun. On Friday I saw an incredibly Red Sox comeback (maraino who ???), Saturday went to a BBQ and again the Sox didnt disappoint, and finally Sunday night the Sox completed the sweep as I witnessed back to back to back to back homeruns!!!

Monday I was going to get back on the horse and start grinding some poker again...I always tend to do better if I make a game plan for myself...heres kinda how its been going...

ok, lets multi table 15-30 limit holdem, play a zillion hands for the next 6 weeks and just make money
result +peanut shells

this is kind of boring, why cant i just grind like I used to ?
result +more peanut shells

maybe lets play fewer tables with some heads up, and 3060 and 50100 mixed in
result lost the shells and a little white meat as well (also began season 4 for 24)

havent played but im thinking fewer tables, nothing bigger than 3060
results coming soon


with only a few days left in the month, I am looking at having my first losing month in the last 7 or 8...nothing drastic, but the winning months havent been anything spectacular either. (times sure have changed since the multi tabling party 100-200, swinging 20k a day) Not sure of my plans this weekend, but I may try to get this month into the black, which would be good for team morale.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Yesterday was a pretty crazy day. I planned to run a bunch of errands in the morning, then go to the gym, then play poker at night. As a general rule the games during the day are not as good as they are night. But things didnt go exactly according to plan. I woke up around 11, was eating breakfast while screwing around on the web for a bit, checking email, fantasy sports seeing who was still alive at Bellagio, standard morning crap....then I saw the Sox were playing at 1230.

At this point I decided to delay the start of my day and play some poker and watch the game. Well as things would have it, I lost, lost, and lost more. It didnt really matter what I played I just couldnt win a hand. By about the fifth inning I began to really get steamed up. Probably the worst tilt I have experienced in a long long time. Anyway by about five oclock, I had to get out of my apartment, I decided to just go for a jog, instead of the gym or the errands I had planned. Man I was in a complete daze, even during the run outside in the fresh air, I was not there...if I could only harness my energy for good!

After getting home, cooking dinner, showering, and relaxing a bit, I decided to give a stab to a couple nightly tourneys. When those failed (obv you idiot you had no chance, duh), I realized today was not my day and I was hopeless. It was sometime after midnight that I crawled into bed and escaped my life and joined the journey of Jack Baur, as I made it through about 8 hours of Jacks life (season 3 midnight - 8am).....


going to take a couple of days off from poker, as the yanks are in town and I have tickets to the game tonight and sunday, and am planning to meet some friends tomorrow for miller lites to watch the game...GO SOX!


EDIT: anyone that played mario bros 1 way back in the day must watch this video on Terrance Chans live journal...keep the sound on!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Played 4 tourneys tonight, 100 rebuy, nightly 320, 33 rebuy WSOP Satellite, and Double Shootout WSOP Satellite. I quickly busted out of the 100 rebuy and the 320. But managed to win my first table of the Shootout while building up chips in the 33 rebuy. While waiting for the other tables to finish we began play of the final table of the 33 rebuy (only 1 seat given out). Two final tables, could I win two seats?? (trust me, two woulda been great, but I would be happy with one!)

I was about average chips in the 33 rebuy, but eventually busted out in 5th. Now to focus on the shootout. I lost some of my chips early, but picked up AA just in time to double up and get a rally going. When got down to 4 handed I was chip leader. I then lost some chips in a SB vs BB contest. Eventually we got down to heads up and I was slightly down in chips, but the blinds were still small enough that I felt comfortable. I slowly chiped away, and got a pretty good lead. I had a chance to win with QT vs Q4, on a QJ9 board, but when the 9 paired we chopped. He battled back to get it close to even, but eventually when I flopped bottom two pair vs his top pair on the 24J flop, I ended it, and won my WSOP seat! sweet....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Super Sunday ...almost

Played some tourneys yesterday, bubbled in the morning 100 rebuy, busted in stars zillion just just before the money, not really bubbling because there were still 1400 left and need to get real deep to make it worth while. But then it began to get exciting...

I had doubled pretty early in the 500$ FTP tourney and was top 5 in chips the whole way, meanwhile, my horse was building a big stack in the stars biggie and was top 30 with about 100 to go. I had visions of a big payday coming soon, with ~60 percent of my him, and my stack at FTP there were sugar plums in dancing in my head. But all was for not, as my friend busted short of anything substantial and I ended up busting around 25th on FTP. I guess anytime I play the "sunday circuit" and go to bed ahead I should be happy because it is pretty standard to spew buy in after buy in and never snif paydirt. tourneys ....


Congrats to Jesse Martin who just won the 2500 Bellagio Event.


I cant bitch about bad beats for at least 3 days as I just had this suckout for 8k...

*** FLOP *** [4h Ks 7s]
thaaj2004 joins the table at seat #6
little dino: checks
SuitedAces: bets $158
little dino: raises $474 to $632
SuitedAces: raises $1422 to $2054
little dino: raises $3372.50 to $5426.50 and is all-in
SuitedAces: calls $1860 and is all-in

SuitedAces collected $7986 from pot

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


sorry havent posted in a while, the longer i wait the more have to write about, which will take more time which makes me not want to write, shitty cycle...but anyway, things have been going well, finally on somewhat of a roll online the last couple of months, which is good, been playing mostly limit holdem, with some tourneys and pot limit omaha mixed in...

i just played the biggest online pot ive ever played (possibly???)...i noticed during this session that when out of position after calling a flop bet very rarely could i call a turn bet unimproved, (i normally raise/folded the flop) so i decided at some point i was going to play a big hand slow out of position, and hope they could/would fire a second barrel...

Seat 1: badboypony ($3988.60 in chips)
Seat 3: hamsa ($1727.75 in chips)
Seat 6: PDX-JMc ($2120 in chips)
Seat 7: IURichard ($3725 in chips)
Seat 8: SuitedAces ($4123 in chips)
SuitedAces: posts small blind $10
maroni: is sitting out
badboypony: posts big blind $20
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to SuitedAces [5d 7h 8c Ac]
hamsa: calls $20
PDX-JMc: folds
IURichard: raises $70 to $90
SuitedAces: calls $80
badboypony: raises $290 to $380
hamsa: folds
IURichard: calls $290
SuitedAces: calls $290

we are all deep enough i dont mind taking a flyer here, this could be a mistake, im still learning the game...position is sooo important.....

*** FLOP *** [Qc 6c Tc]

gin :>

SuitedAces: checks
badboypony: bets $460
IURichard: calls $460

if i raise here i will probably lose any future action, and/or have to fold if the board pairs on the turn

SuitedAces: calls $460
*** TURN *** [Qc 6c Tc] [Jh]
SuitedAces: checks
badboypony: checks
pkrmlln joins the table at seat #4
IURichard: bets $2538

whooot !!! a clean turn and he potted it !! life is goooooood...

SuitedAces: raises $745 to $3283 and is all-in
badboypony: folds
IURichard: calls $347 and is all-in
*** RIVER *** [Qc 6c Tc Jh] [6h]

*note - i cant see his cards at this point*


*** SHOW DOWN ***
SuitedAces: shows [5d 7h 8c Ac] (a flush, Ace high)
IURichard: shows [2s 7c Ks Kc] (a flush, King high)

phew, false alarm, he had a flush and he was drawing dead....

SuitedAces collected $8308 from pot