Floating on Water: January 2011

Floating on Water

Monday, January 31, 2011


We skied a couple more days this weekend. Saturday night we got 12-16 inches of fresh snow. The skiing sunday was awesome!! I have never skied in conditions like this. We skied on lots of bumps and in a bunch of woods trails, and everything was awesome. Better than I even imagined when I pictured skiing "out west." Im looking forward to more snow and more great conditions. I don't plan on missing many powder days the rest of the winter. The worst part about skiing on powder was the toll it takes on your legs. Today my legs are still jello and my whole body is aching.

I didn't play a single hand of poker this weekend. I plan to get back on track today, playing a bunch of hands and continue working on non holdem games.

Heres a couple of pictures of me and Sarah taking a breather in the powder

days skied: 6

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let It Snow!!!

Headed out to ski today around noon, got about 10 runs in. I explored the back side of the mountain and found a bunch of cool areas. After getting dumped on in December there basically has been no snow in January, so the ungroomed stuff is very crispy on top. There is a ton of tree areas that I'm itching to ski through after it snows. Someone was saying they are forecasting a 10 ft storm at the beginning of February...we'll see.

Sarah and I tried a couple more local restaurants over the weekend; we went to Shogun, a sushi place, the food was ok, but it seems like a good spot to hang out. We were toast after skiing and basically ate and left. We also tried the Smokeyard BBQ in the village on Saturday night. I decided to go with the kobe ribs. Once the waitress brought them over I realized, why I never order ribs in public. I ate one rib and both my sides and brought the rest home. It would have been a disaster if I really went for it and crushed em!!

Poker has been going pretty good the last few days since getting "back to work." I have really been focusing on learning/ playing more games. Ive been studying and playing less tables, the results have been good. I still want to make sure I get a few hours of multi tabling limit holdem in to stay on pace of supernova elite, but no complaints on the poker front.

days skied: 4

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Partys Over

The last couple weeks I have been in transit, packing, moving, getting settled ect. but now everything is settling down and the poker grind is beginning again today. I plan on sitting around the house, cooking food and watching football while grinding some poker hands.

I skied 2 more times. Im still amazed at the temperature here, its a freaken ski mountain for gods sake. We normally take a couple breaks during the day, and hang out on one of the outdoor patio's for lunch and a snack. (this is McCoy Station a lodge about halfway up the mountain)
Sarah starts her new job tomorrow. This week I plan to join a local gym, grind a bunch of poker hands and ski one or two days. I have a season pass and I refuse to let them get the best of me so Im going to be skiing a bunch even if I only go for a half day. The closest lodge is less than a 2 minute drive from our place so there really is no excuse.

days skied:3

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mammoth Mountain

Im going to attempt this blog thing again. Its been 18 months and a bunch has happened but Ill fast forward through. 2009 was a great poker year, 2010 sucked. I made elite on stars both years, and will make it again this year. I lived in Hermosa Beach for 12 months, back to Boston for 4 months and now Sarah and I are in Mammoth Lakes Ca at the base of Mammoth Mountain.

This attempt at blogging will have less poker and more skiing/ Mammoth nonsense. I would like it to end up being a guide to Mammoth. Listing all the things I like and don't like, including, skiing, dinning and partying. While Im here I plan to grind limit holdem online, as well as put in a bunch of work becoming better at both PLO and o8.

I landed in LAX tuesday around noon, drove the 5+ hour to Mammoth and picked up our condo keys. Tuesday was pretty low key as I was exhausted. Wednesday Sarah and I worked on setting everything up and getting this place habitable for the next 3 months. Gas, heat, groceries, driving around scouting the area and becoming familiar.

By nighttime we both had had enough "setting up" and decided to go out for dinner and a couple drinks. It was a Wednesday so we were not expecting anything amazing but still wanted to get a taste for the area. We went to Mammoth Brewhouse. I had 2 local beers both ok. I was on a Sam Winter kick for the past couple months in Boston, these didn't compare. We split the tuna apt which was great, and I had the the turkey pot pie, from the "locals favorites" section of the menu. I agreed, it was good.

Not many people there, so we headed out and decided to get one more drink on the ride home. We stopped at Grumpys, seemed like a fun spot. Ended up being the type of place thats great if you bring your own party. Lots of video games, pool table and stuff but pretty empty.

Headed on our way home anxious for our first day of skiing. I was amazed at the temperature! This place had more snow in December than any other resort mountain. But it hasn't snowed in January. The base lodge was 53 degrees, and the lift attendants had short sleeve shirts on. There is 4? or 5 base lodges and each one has an outdoor bar you can see when your loading any of the base lifts. California has a way of even making skiing an outdoor summer time paarty atmosphere!

This being my first time skiing west of Massachusetts, I didn't really know what to expect. I was disappointed with the snow. It was much better than East Coast skiing but I was picturing fluffy white powder shooting up every time I turned, that didn't happen. The weather was great. We took off a couple layers and still managed to break a sweat. I guess the temperature here can change dramatically based on the storm and where its originating from. At least that what they say!

working on my snowbeard:
Ill keep a running tally of days skied: 1