Floating on Water: August 2006

Floating on Water

Thursday, August 24, 2006


ok, so my money is still in transit (expecting it to reach neteller anytime) and got the feaver to play some pokahhh. I borrowed 1500 on FTP and run it up pretty quickly. First 2 15-30s, then 2 30-60's then three tables then four ..blah blah blah I was able to shoot it up pretty high pretty quickly...Then today I jumped in the 100-200 omaha, and the only 2 holdem games going 30-60 and 50-100.

In the 50 holdem game, I had just beat this opponent like 19 straight hands and could feel the steam coming off his avatar. Then this hand happened...

Full Tilt Poker Game #931964725: Table Mary Ann (6 max) - $50/$100 - Limit Hold'em - 22:38:47 ET - 2006/08/24
Seat 2: LUCKYADOPTZN7 ($3,549.50)
Seat 3: wwwPKTJAXnet ($10,330.50)
Seat 4: ScooopIT ($3,655)
Seat 5: mave_ace ($3,074.50)
Seat 6: moni6 ($2,478.50)
ScooopIT posts the small blind of $25
mave_ace posts the big blind of $50
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ScooopIT [Ts Qs]
moni6 folds
wwwPKTJAXnet raises to $100
ScooopIT raises to $150
mave_ace folds
wwwPKTJAXnet calls $50
*** FLOP *** [Ah 5h 3s]
ScooopIT bets $50
wwwPKTJAXnet raises to $100
ScooopIT raises to $150
wwwPKTJAXnet raises to $200
ScooopIT calls $50
*** TURN *** [Ah 5h 3s] [As]
ScooopIT checks
wwwPKTJAXnet bets $100
ScooopIT raises to $200
wwwPKTJAXnet raises to $300
ScooopIT calls $100
*** RIVER *** [Ah 5h 3s As] [3d]
ScooopIT checks
wwwPKTJAXnet bets $100
ScooopIT calls $100
*** SHOW DOWN ***
wwwPKTJAXnet shows [9h Td] (two pair, Aces and Threes)
ScooopIT shows [Ts Qs] (two pair, Aces and Threes)
ScooopIT wins the pot ($1,548) with two pair, Aces and Threes
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $1,550 | Rake $2
Board: [Ah 5h 3s As 3d]
Seat 2: LUCKYADOPTZN7 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: wwwPKTJAXnet (button) showed [9h Td] and lost with two pair, Aces and Threes
Seat 4: ScooopIT (small blind) showed [Ts Qs] and won ($1,548) with two pair, Aces and Threes

jajajajaja hahahaahahaa...I really felt confident he was on non ace hand, probably hearts but maybe a pair...then I saw his hand and couldnt help but burst out laughing when not only did he have a complete airball, but I had his ten dominated !!!

*next time I will post a hand where I put in all these bets with QT high on an AA33 board and my opponent has AJ

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Since returning home from Vegas I have booked maybe one winning session. Things have not been going well. I finished the Vegas trip with a strong showing in the cash games (online and live) that covered all my entries / expenses. I was ready to come home and go on a tear @party, but to my disappointment I have had a string of losses. I have never been a big believer in keeping a ton of money in my poker accounts but I did have a decent amount and in the last 10 days I have managed to empty them all out. I have money "in transit" but it will take a couple days to arrive in my accounts. A break from poker may be just what the doctor ordered.

On a side note: a very disappointing showing by the Red Sox so far this weekend.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My approximate weekend record playing Beruit.

Saturday began with running around town like a chicken with my head cutoff. First had to make it downtown and pick up some Jimmy Buffet tickets.
After getting the tickets, the rest of the "supplies" for the day had to be purchased. Finding a grocery store, a liquor store and a beach chair store close to the Tweeter Center were the next things on the Agenda. By the time the clock stuck noon we were entering the front gets and into Margaritiville for the day long tailgate party. A couple friends and I made the trek down from Boston, but we were meeting a bunch of other people. They had arrived just before us, so we were all in the same parking lot. Once settling in, the "real party" began. The grille was fired up, shots were being taken and ice luges were aplenty.

I was surprised at the amount of sand that had found its way into the "Lot 10" parking lot. But hey those Parrot Heads don't fool around. The most extreme car, was this pickup truck, that had a kiddy slide on the cab, that led to the bed of the truck that was full of water!! By midday there was a constant flow of bathing beauties racing down the slide into the pool of water! Amongst the action we turned our "cooking table" into a beruit table and later a flip cup table. Defiantly one of the best tailgating parties I have ever been too. By the time the show started at 8pm, everyone was feeling the effects of the "boat drinks," but we were here to see a concert and that's what we did, although it was a blurrrr....

On Sunday a friend was involved in a three day festival that concluded with a pig roast.

It so happened that it was planed in my backyard. Not literally but less than a 5 minute walk from my front door! When I first arrived I only knew a couple people but as the day went on, it turned into a pretty crazy party. It did not take long for some people there to decide all the food could fit on one table instead of two and this extra so happened to be the perfect size for a game of beruit. Again another long day in the sun flexing my muscles on the beruit court which then lead to a chaotic night racing around Boston. A fun long took its toll on me, in a long day of detox on Monday.

*all pics were stolen off web

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finally Home

After a long long long trip I’m finally home. This trip began in late June (which now feels like it was about 2yrs ago), when I visited some friends in southern Cali. From there I drove to Vegas for the WSOP 06.

During the WSOP I played in the:
1500 No Limit
1500 Limit
2k No Limit
5k No Limit
2500 No Limit
1k Rebuy
2k Pot Limit
5k No Limit 6 max
Main Event

As I had said before I really feel don’t feel like my tourney game is at the level that I should be investing this amount of money in buy-ins. I know one of the best ways to improve my game and get to the next level is to continue to play these events, but all the small buy-ins (1500-$2500) you really don’t have enough chips to play poker. So I am pretty sure I am done playing short stack tourneys for a while and continue to work on and think about deep stack play of the bigger buy-in events.

Recap of my Main Event

Its been a while since the main event so all details may not be 100% accutate but I will do my best. The recap should be short and sweet since I did not make it make it through the day BUT some pretty interesting situations did develop through the day. I will begin with the fact that I hate all the hoopla that surrounds the current state of the game. I arrived at the RIO as close to the noon kickoff as I could, which was about 5 minutes of 12. I made my walk through the circus like atmosphere of the convention center with endless supllies of advertisements and banners.

When finally wading my way through the sea of people I arrived at my table. I was not disappointed when I did not recognize any of the 7 people already there, within a couple minutes the last two seats were filled, one of which was a kid I recognized as someone that plays mid – high stakes cash games mostly no limit (I think) , and the other was an old old man. Before the event started they introduced “Team Doyle,” and opened the front door to the Amazon room where Doyle Bronson and his entourage of 6-10 people rolled down to the center of the room all dressed in Doyle’s room apparel from head to toe, similar to what I would expect if I went to see the Queen giving a speech…kind of a joke if you ask me, but anyway.

The first round was weak tight and I was able to chip up pretty easily to about 13k. The player UTG limped, a MP limped and I limped from late position with JJ, the sb (cash game kid) called as well. The flop came down 246 rainbow, the player just before me bet 200 into the 250 pot, I called as well as did the cash game kid (CGK). I really sensed he was calling with a gutshot at best. The turn came a K and it was checked to me, I bet 500 into the 850 pot, the CGK made it 1k, the other guy folded and I really really didn’t think he had much of anything, I made 2k more (3K total), and he almost instantly mucked his hand. I felt good chipping my way up, as well as pulling the trigger based on my read, which turned out to be right this time.

Nothing too exciting happened the next couple of rounds. I was able to chip up to ~23k before they broke my table and moved me to the middle of the room. I was defiantly disappointed to get moved off this table, but among the masses of tables I saw, I recognized very few people so I wasn’t took worried about a “bad” draw.

When I arrived at my table, again I didn’t recognize anyone. The empty seat on my left was quickly filled by someone from my original table, who says “I have been waiting to get position on you all day.” He had amassed probably close to 30k at the first table but never really was involved in a confrontation with me. Anyway my very first hand I picked up 88 and decided to limp in from early position for 200. I was quickly called in 2 spots, then raised to 800 and the 800 flat called. Everyone called the raise, 5 of us to a flop for 800, this table already seems to have waaaay more action than my weak tight first table. The flop came down JJ3 rainbow and gets checked to the last spot, who looks like a middle eastern crazy man. His top couple buttons on his shirt were opened, showing off some obv bling, his hair was greased and scattered, not someone I would want to run into in an alley in the middle of the night!! He shoves the rest of his chips into the pot, approximately 6300 into this 4k pot. I think and think, and decide I can’t give him this pot, and think by just calling it looks scary enough that none of the 4 people to act after me would try to move me off my hand unless they had a jack. The other people quickly folded and now crazy man, looks as if he was caught stealing from the church basket, which I love to see, but hesitantly rolls over pocket tens….sigh, one hand new table down 8100 !!!

From this point on, the player from my first table (later identified as “WillingtoDie” (sp) from pocket fives) decided he was going to raise every limper for the remainder of the day. No one fought back and he was able to build a huge stack on my left that really limited my actions. I decided I was going to limp behind a limper and trap him if I ever got a hand, but that never happened. I reraised JJ once and had to fold to a push. I think this was the right play based on the players involved but this crippled my stack to ~10k close to the end of the day.

Now with 11300, 200-400 blinds and 50 ante, the button who had about 40k opens for 1400, and I decide to move in from the BB with KQ. The button instantly calls and I am out…gg matt. I think this play was probably wrong in hindsight, but what do I know. If this was a Poker Stars Sunday tourney, I would make the same move; but as I was walking out of the Amazon room, feeling dejected at 3am after almost making it through the 16 hour day, I feel like I should not have gone broke on this hand.

Immediately after busting I picked up Fatburger and a milkshake for the ride home, where I slept for an unidentified amount of time. When finally awaking I began contemplating when I was going to leave Vegas and return home. I decided to stay until all my friends either busted or won the Main Event. I played some live poker during this week, but the largest chuck of time was used parting and living it up in Vegas. Overall it was a fun trip but a very very long one, I am glad to be home again where I can enjoy the rest of the summer and hopefully watch the Sox rebound from their current slump.