Floating on Water: November 2006

Floating on Water

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day

Not much new happening since my last post. Blogspot just joined with google, so I had to download a new "blogging system" or something of the sort. So I kind of just wanted to try it out and see whats new ... so far, I havent noticed anything major.

Last night a few of us visited one of our old stomping grounds, the Claddaugh in Lawarence. A couple years ago, it seemed like I would run into endless number of old friends, but as the years move on the number of reconizible faces gets smaller and smaller...maybe Im getting old ?

Anyway, everyone have a good Thanksgiving....3 football games, life is goooood

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lazy Season

Since my trip to Australia/ California, I have been a somewhat of a slump pokerwise and not really in the mood to write blogs about bad beats, some tilt and horrid game selection. I did real well out in Cali and felt ready to go on a hot run. But when I returned home, I played break even online poker before heading to Foxwoods. Down at the woods they pretty much refuse to spread any holdem games above 20-40, so my time there was spent playing 75-150 Omaha for the most part. The last day before the Main Event I did play 200-400 Holdem for about 6 hours and took a decent sized loss that canceled out any of my 75-150 omaha profits.

The Main Event started out great for me, I was real happy with my table draw, and managed to build my starting 20k in chips up to 30k by the 3rd level. But then things took a turn for the worse, and I lost multiple 4 or 5k pots, bleeding my stack down to the mid teens. Then just before dinner I make a mistake that all but sealed the deal for me...

I began playing poker at Foxwoods almost 6years ago now, so I guess I will always a soft spot in my heart for Foxwoods but in general it is one of (if not the worst) place to play poker. After playing countless hours in Vegas and LA, you really get to see everything that Foxwoods does wrong.

Anyway after spending much of the last 6 weeks on the road, Im glad to be home and looking forward to relaxing and seeing family and friends over the holiday. Before I decide if I want to make the trek to Vegas in mid December for the Bellagio Tournaments.

--- interviewed me a while back, and the peice was just published in the globe yesterday. The interview was a little over an hour long, and they chose some sound bits from the interview for the web. You can check it out here.