Floating on Water: March 2008

Floating on Water

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally !!

I know, I know no blogs in a long here goes some catching up. Since Arizona, I have been pretty busy. A bunch of us went to the Patriots final regular home game of the season.


In January I went to the Bahamas for the PokerStars WPT event. I busted out at the end of first day. Never really managed to get anything going, and finally made a stand and lost a race. But I guess if you are going to bust out of any tourney on the first day, you would want it to be in the Bahamas.

After busting the rest of the trip was spent relaxing durign the day and partying at night. Heres me and Sarah (shes the one double fisting)...

Katie and Justin
We all swam with the dolphins here...I was a whisker away from swimming in my birthday suit but was able to avoid disaster at the last minute..
Sometime after returning from the Bahamas, I went to Atlantic City, played a couple tourneys, including a super to the ME. I won a seat and made it to day 2 with average chips but never won a significant pot on the day and busted just before dinner break. Jesse made a deep run, but eventually had his Q Q snapped on day four busting with about 25 left.

After AC, I went to California for the LAPC. I onyl played 3 of the prelims and mostly cash games. Overall the trip was a loss after expenses and whatnot.

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine from college got married. Congrats Ryan. As far as poker goes, the last few months have been a disaster. I cant seem to get a hot streak going. I have been bouncing back and forth between NL and limit. I cant seem to win back to back weeks. The plan now is to grind small-mid limit holdem for the next 2 months (putting off NL for now) and see what I can do when I focus all my attention back to limit holdem. I am planning on going to the WSOP again this summer sometime June.

lets see if I can keep this blog a little more updated, with no trips or anything crazy planned the next couple months there is really no excuse except pure laziness!