Floating on Water: August 2009

Floating on Water

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Heading West

I played the WSOP Main Event and busted halfway through day 1. I drew a very easy table, and was able to chip up to 45k, from the starting 30k without really much resistance. I then started to lose chips when I picked up big hands and ran into better hands. In this type of event most players just are not putting there chips in without the mortal nuts, my bad. After busting I played cash games for a couple weeks and did pretty good.

Ive now been back home close to month and just grinding online a ton. I'm still chasing Supernova Elite on Poker Stars. For me to get this goal, I need to average 2000 hands a day for 365 days. I am currently about 8 days ahead of pace. But when I get to California I plan on playing live some of the time, so I'm trying to have a crazy August and try and get about 20 days ahead. All in all, I'm not in bad shape but need to continue grinding.

Sarah and I are moving to California in September. There really is no plans set in stone. But as of now, she accepted a 3 month traveling position. So the minimum stay is going to be 3 months, but I'm not selling my place in Boston. We haven't even figured out exactly where we want to live. But the 3 key points that where going to use when picking where we live are: her hospital, commerce casino and the beach. We are both willing to have a little drive to work if we can manage to rent something that's walking distance to a good beach spot. She has a couple options as far as which hospital shes going to be at, so once that's decided we'll be in touch with some rental places. (any insight as to places to or not live please leave in the comments or send an email)

I'm pretty excited for the trip. Glad we get to spend the rest of the summer here before heading out to California just as the weather is getting cold.

Being so far away and not getting to see everyone so often, I may try to get back into regular postings of new blogs, well see --Matt