Floating on Water: July 2007

Floating on Water

Monday, July 23, 2007

Et Mon

A true classic !

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I was on my way to play golf Saturday morning (about 10am) and stopped at my liquor store for a case of miller lite, as the girl is ringing me up, I decide to get 4 cigars from behind the counter. As shes handing them to me a guy in line behind me says "you know you shouldn't smoke." I turn and look at him like, ehh whatever buddy, and head for the door...I look back and hes buy 4 plastic nips

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thats It

Yesterday I watched Shaniac's Final table at the Bellagio Cup where he finished fourth, then heard the news that a friend Ray Henson just busted from the Main Event in 12th place. I went to bed unsure what I was going to do today. But after I woke up around noon and the maid was in the kitchen (today is the final day in the house) and I had 3 missed phone calls from the car rental place (car is over a week late), it feels like time is up. Anyway I just booked my flight and I will be sleeping in Beantown tonight.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just busted, built my stack to 200-205k at its peak, then down to 61 at dinner for my low. After dinner I doubled up then won a few small pots to get to 173K, before losing them all to Christian Toth in one hand. I guess I should have folded to his river bet of 113k, but Im a fish. I raised preflop with QQ he called, the flop came 963 I bet he raised I called, the turn was a Q I bet he called, the river was a king I bet he raised all in, I called. He had Jack Ten for the straight. Looking back I think he played the hand very very well. Anyway here are a couple pictures taken seconds before the hand and seconds after the hand.
I have 173,000 he has 173,300. (notice all my ante chips!!! <<< robbery)

Does he have to point and laugh ??

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trigger Pulling

Probably the best way to describe my day 1. My stack on was in constant motion. I bluffed and raised more than I ever have. It was fun, and I think close to optimal in this soft WSOP field. I played many many more pots than I normally do, and this led to a few mistakes but looking back I am happy with my overall play. Anyway I ended the day with 97,400 (average around 55K), I have tuesday off before I head back to war on wednesday. A tuesday BBQ and maybe a nap is in my future...

good luck everyone playing today!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Main Event

Good luck to everybody playing! I am starting on day 1d, which is monday at noon. I dont plan on leaving my house between now and then...I have had a crazy vegas week here, need to detox and rest up for Monday.

you can follow the action on poker news