Floating on Water: November 2008

Floating on Water

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poker Dream

Back in the day when I first started playing these dreams were much more common, nowadays, they normally only occure after a marathon session or a monster loss. Neither happened yesterday so not really sure where this one came from...


playing heads up 100-200 stud/8 with an extra round of betting before third street, I am dealt 2 black aces and we raise back and forth ( we are playing with cash not chips), finally I six bet and he calls, third street I get the ace of spades, he gets a nine, I look back at my cards because I thought I had 2 black aces in the hole, when I look back up my oppont is running away from the table with his money (all bets included) in his hand...I am faced with the delema of having two ace of spades in my hand...end of dream

have at it Freud


pics from a homemade feast last weekend

happy bday pops