Floating on Water: June 2007

Floating on Water

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hitting the Wall

I guess I realized I hit the Las Vegas/poker wall when I ran out to pick up subway this morning (4pm) and realized subway is in the same parking lot as the Henderson gym I joined at the beginning of my stay. When I first got to Vegas I bought a 30 day membership and was a frequent visitor going about 10 out of the first 14 days here. But in the last week I have not been once. I have played more tourneys, getting my total for the series to 6 events. In the begging I was skipping most events, working out, playing cash games and running real well. But lately I have been losing in the side games, busting my mini-online bankroll and becoming increasingly frustrated in my tournament results.

I am skipping the 1500 half/half event today and just going to hang out at the house. I am going to try to start fresh tomorrow for the stretch run in Vegas. I am going to attempt to get a good night of sleep, hit the gym, restocking the fridge, and playing some cash games tomorrow and hopefully I can right the ship and get back on track before the main event on July 6th.


side note: our fantasy teams for the 50k Horse event can be found on Jesse's blog

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tourneys are EZ

two 1st's in the same week...

maybe I should be trying one of these WSOP things, maybe if I get up in time tomorrow, 1500nl.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Almost a week!

I have been in Vegas for almost a week now. Ive played two events, the 1500 limit holdem, and the 2k no limit. In the limit event, I picked up a bunch of big hands early and lost with most of them, sending me to the rail in the 3rd level. In the 2k no limit, I built a big stack and was cruising all day until 11pm, when I was priced in to call with JJ and lost a big flip to AK, then minutes later I lost a bunch of chips with 55 on a 742 flop. I managed to survive with my now short stack for another hour or so but finally busted when my 6-2 wasnt able to run through jack-ten sooted. I was sent to the rail with about 190 left, paying 150.

Other than live tourneys things have been going pretty well out here. I have played 2 sessions of 100-200 holdem and scored nice wins in both sessions. Along with a good win in a 60-120 BOTA session.

Yesterday I decided to take the day off from the strip and we grilled and hung out by the pool at my house, before the mandatory home game broke out. The mix was about nine games (except limit holdem). I managed to squeak out a small win when I sucked out in a capped plo pot, when my bottom set, flush draw got out on middle is good. After that I ran 4 small buyin tourneys on stars including the 77 6max tourney that I snapped off and won!

Today Im heading down the strip, I plan on playing live for most of the day then registering for the 5k limit event tomorrow, should be a smallish tougher field, but Im looking forward to a limit holdem event with 10k starting chips. Wish me luck!