Floating on Water: February 2011

Floating on Water

Friday, February 04, 2011


Pretty disastrous week out here. Lost everyday at poker, didnt ski and internet was on the fritz all week. I did manage to go to the gym 3 days. Today I got up early and decided to attempt to right the ship. I went to the rental office to fix the internet situation, which appears to be resolved. I worked out pretty hard, had a healthy lunch and am now going to attempt a winning poker session.

Beard update: I got out the beard trimmer, because apparently my facial hair doesn't grow evenly. (lack of machismo?) So I begin evening it out and got a little carried away! Before these pics this was by far the most facial hair Ive ever had. Now Im back to a week of no sunlight and online poker in a cave look!

days skied: 6, skiing tomorrow but prolly taking sunday off for the Superbowl.