Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let It Snow!!!

Headed out to ski today around noon, got about 10 runs in. I explored the back side of the mountain and found a bunch of cool areas. After getting dumped on in December there basically has been no snow in January, so the ungroomed stuff is very crispy on top. There is a ton of tree areas that I'm itching to ski through after it snows. Someone was saying they are forecasting a 10 ft storm at the beginning of February...we'll see.

Sarah and I tried a couple more local restaurants over the weekend; we went to Shogun, a sushi place, the food was ok, but it seems like a good spot to hang out. We were toast after skiing and basically ate and left. We also tried the Smokeyard BBQ in the village on Saturday night. I decided to go with the kobe ribs. Once the waitress brought them over I realized, why I never order ribs in public. I ate one rib and both my sides and brought the rest home. It would have been a disaster if I really went for it and crushed em!!

Poker has been going pretty good the last few days since getting "back to work." I have really been focusing on learning/ playing more games. Ive been studying and playing less tables, the results have been good. I still want to make sure I get a few hours of multi tabling limit holdem in to stay on pace of supernova elite, but no complaints on the poker front.

days skied: 4


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