Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My approximate weekend record playing Beruit.

Saturday began with running around town like a chicken with my head cutoff. First had to make it downtown and pick up some Jimmy Buffet tickets.
After getting the tickets, the rest of the "supplies" for the day had to be purchased. Finding a grocery store, a liquor store and a beach chair store close to the Tweeter Center were the next things on the Agenda. By the time the clock stuck noon we were entering the front gets and into Margaritiville for the day long tailgate party. A couple friends and I made the trek down from Boston, but we were meeting a bunch of other people. They had arrived just before us, so we were all in the same parking lot. Once settling in, the "real party" began. The grille was fired up, shots were being taken and ice luges were aplenty.

I was surprised at the amount of sand that had found its way into the "Lot 10" parking lot. But hey those Parrot Heads don't fool around. The most extreme car, was this pickup truck, that had a kiddy slide on the cab, that led to the bed of the truck that was full of water!! By midday there was a constant flow of bathing beauties racing down the slide into the pool of water! Amongst the action we turned our "cooking table" into a beruit table and later a flip cup table. Defiantly one of the best tailgating parties I have ever been too. By the time the show started at 8pm, everyone was feeling the effects of the "boat drinks," but we were here to see a concert and that's what we did, although it was a blurrrr....

On Sunday a friend was involved in a three day festival that concluded with a pig roast.

It so happened that it was planed in my backyard. Not literally but less than a 5 minute walk from my front door! When I first arrived I only knew a couple people but as the day went on, it turned into a pretty crazy party. It did not take long for some people there to decide all the food could fit on one table instead of two and this extra so happened to be the perfect size for a game of beruit. Again another long day in the sun flexing my muscles on the beruit court which then lead to a chaotic night racing around Boston. A fun long took its toll on me, in a long day of detox on Monday.

*all pics were stolen off web


Blogger kara4481 said...

who the heck were you playing beruit against that let you win 16/17 games??

10:15 PM  
Blogger Matt Szymaszek said...

this guy takes on all challengers...

7:50 AM  
Blogger joeydonuts said...

back in the day beer die ruled...........

6:21 AM  
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