Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Friday, February 04, 2011


Pretty disastrous week out here. Lost everyday at poker, didnt ski and internet was on the fritz all week. I did manage to go to the gym 3 days. Today I got up early and decided to attempt to right the ship. I went to the rental office to fix the internet situation, which appears to be resolved. I worked out pretty hard, had a healthy lunch and am now going to attempt a winning poker session.

Beard update: I got out the beard trimmer, because apparently my facial hair doesn't grow evenly. (lack of machismo?) So I begin evening it out and got a little carried away! Before these pics this was by far the most facial hair Ive ever had. Now Im back to a week of no sunlight and online poker in a cave look!

days skied: 6, skiing tomorrow but prolly taking sunday off for the Superbowl.

Monday, January 31, 2011


We skied a couple more days this weekend. Saturday night we got 12-16 inches of fresh snow. The skiing sunday was awesome!! I have never skied in conditions like this. We skied on lots of bumps and in a bunch of woods trails, and everything was awesome. Better than I even imagined when I pictured skiing "out west." Im looking forward to more snow and more great conditions. I don't plan on missing many powder days the rest of the winter. The worst part about skiing on powder was the toll it takes on your legs. Today my legs are still jello and my whole body is aching.

I didn't play a single hand of poker this weekend. I plan to get back on track today, playing a bunch of hands and continue working on non holdem games.

Heres a couple of pictures of me and Sarah taking a breather in the powder

days skied: 6

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let It Snow!!!

Headed out to ski today around noon, got about 10 runs in. I explored the back side of the mountain and found a bunch of cool areas. After getting dumped on in December there basically has been no snow in January, so the ungroomed stuff is very crispy on top. There is a ton of tree areas that I'm itching to ski through after it snows. Someone was saying they are forecasting a 10 ft storm at the beginning of February...we'll see.

Sarah and I tried a couple more local restaurants over the weekend; we went to Shogun, a sushi place, the food was ok, but it seems like a good spot to hang out. We were toast after skiing and basically ate and left. We also tried the Smokeyard BBQ in the village on Saturday night. I decided to go with the kobe ribs. Once the waitress brought them over I realized, why I never order ribs in public. I ate one rib and both my sides and brought the rest home. It would have been a disaster if I really went for it and crushed em!!

Poker has been going pretty good the last few days since getting "back to work." I have really been focusing on learning/ playing more games. Ive been studying and playing less tables, the results have been good. I still want to make sure I get a few hours of multi tabling limit holdem in to stay on pace of supernova elite, but no complaints on the poker front.

days skied: 4