Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Friday, June 09, 2006

Random Blog, No Poker

Yesterday I went to play in a charity golf tournament for my friend, Walter Poirior, who went missing in Bolivia, while working for the Peace Corps. The tournament was canceled due to rain, but I stayed around the course, ie the clubhouse bar, for the better part of the day catching up with some old friends. By the end of the night, the blackjack game was on !!!


Recently my cellphone has been getting slower and slower, or more laggy if that makes any sense. When I press a button I literally have to wait 2 seconds for anything to happen. I am hoping that this is due to its memory being filled. I am currently going through erasing all text messages one by one; seems like there has to be a “clear all button” but I certainly can’t find it. As I’m going through there are a couple messages in the “inbox” that made me laugh when reading them out of context.

“upstairs pay him off”

“No tv’s in tents?”

“I puked”

“talk obv” – kinda funny text message right ??

“Those don’t exist in our world sir” – no idea what I could have said to prompt this response

I also cleared my picture memory, here are some of my favorites...

My sister and company went to Ireland for St. Patricks day.

This one has been in my phone for a while and I was unable to read the box on my phone, and it was just a picture of a brown box. After downloading it to my PC, I see why the picture was taken..."young turkey parts," hmmm

Friends birthday party, people were breathing fire, drinking a bottle of "Mr Blue."

Here, everyone likes a little bit of "cold tea" in the middle of the night.

These last two are just classic summer time activites. Cooking on the grille and hanging out with friends having a couple Miller Lite's.


Blogger kara4481 said...

man, I totally should have sent you one of the completed Miller Lite pyramid....that was just it as of Saturday morning!

10:24 AM  
Blogger Amy321 said...

Hey guys! Never know who's watching...How high did that pyramid get??

11:06 AM  
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