Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Receipt For Disaster

-Party Poker Allowing Unlimited Private (ie shorthanded) 100-200 tables

-Overall Skill Level in these games being V.V.V. close with the exception of a few weak players

-Matt keeping too much money in account claiming it is to withstand variance

-Matt playing 3 shorthanded games instead of two

-The Line between expert shorthanded play and tilt being minuscule, coupled with my love of pressing all edges

- Percentage of the time I may actually be on tilt, or just think K4 sooted is a really really strong hand

Disaster is inevitable ....

Anyway, after finally getting even from last Thursdays debacle midday yesterdday, I took a break, hit up the gym, and picked up some dinner. I then decided to get a “few” more hands in after the sox game.

I obviously went on my largest single session downswing. Where at one time I actually had AA on three of my four tables and lost them all. Anyway, with my party account balance taking a major hit, I decided to attempt to chip away and play 600 more perfect hands. The poker gods had to be on my side, because I slowly went on a run, digging out of the deficient. The highlight being, my QQ, on a board of QQ872, with 3 hearts, vs two opponents one holding a flush and the other holding 88. By nights end the loss was nothing noteworthy.

Then today, with the intention of playing 1200-2000 hands, I just didn’t have it in me after my computer was on fire and I locked up a quick and easy win, by only playinga little over 500 total hands. But I can’t help but think with the new unlimited shorthanded 100-200 on party I am eventually due for a painful painful downswing where I don’t “bounce” back …. But until then …<<<< .... This guy is shooting for the fences !!!!


Tomorrow I may hit up Granite Links in the morning, before sitting in my new favorite seats at Fenway…State Street Pavilion Club!!!! Red Sox – Yankees, ahhhh Life is Gooood


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