Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Friday, May 12, 2006

No Looking Back Now

One of my goals in the 2006 Poker Year was/ is to keep better record than I have in the past. It is almost impossible to keep track of every online poker session, but I have been real good about my live poker sessions as well as tournament record keeping. As far as online, I have been writing down my balance (on all sites) at the beginning of the week and then taking the difference at weeks end. Anyway, there is no time more fun to look at your records then when you are on a big upswing. The last couple of weeks everything has been going great, with only a few minor setbacks mixed in. This year I have bought directly into three 10k events, plus a 1500 rebuy event where I spent 9k, along with numerous other tournaments without any major cashes to show for it. Luckily online has been great as well as good success in my limited live play. Here is a graph of all my poker play in 2006. The steep upward swings are normally not major single day wins, but a successful online "period," probably between 4 and 10 days.

My triple draw challenge has been treading water at best. After the initial small downswing, I was able to bounce back to my peak of a 6K winner before slowly bleeding that all back to a small loser. Anyway, I think my deuce game needs a lot of work...

Recently I have become addicted to this pop-a-shot video basketball game at the local watering hole.

After many many attempts I have been able to get my score to be consistently in the 60-65 point area and my good games have been in the mid 70's. I am convinced 80 is out of the question, but late last night after the Sox game, I came as close as humanly possibly to this all allusive number ....


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