Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Never Forget Who Pays the Bills !

At the beginning of May my plan was to learn to play and beat 2-7 triple draw. I deposited $2500 into my Ultimate Bet account and wanted to run it up, playing only triple draw on UB. Well……I did only play triple, but I did not fare that well. All in all, I lost ~12k throughout the month. I was a small winner in the 10-20, I lost about $4500 in the 30-60, and a little over 7k playing 80-160. I do feel like I have improved my play during the course of the month. Most of my sessions were at the 30-60 level, and I was sitting alone and taking on all challengers. This is clearly poor game selection for a new player to the game; but I wanted to learn, and the best people to learn from are the best players. I also took a few shots in the 80 game, and did not fare that well, but the swings in this game are big, so for now I will call this “variance.”

Also throughout May, I played some stars 100-200 and did not fare that well there either. This was clearly my own fault, I borrowed 10k from a friend, and in general when going to pay someone back the online preferred method of payment is always Stars. Out of pure spite, I decided I did not want to use my own money to pay back the full 10k, and bought in for 5k and tried to double it. Both times I busted my account, before finally giving in and depositing 10k and just paying him back….steep interest rate I created there.

Now on to something much more positive, Party Poker Results. The majority of my play during the course of the month was Party Poker 50-100 and 100-200. I played 21K hands of 50-100 with a win rate of 1.23BB/100, and 13k hands of 100-200 with a win rate of 0.91BB/100. With these wins I was easily able to overcome my UB and Stars’ losses and make it a very good month.

June plans are still very much in the air. Party Poker has had server problems the last couple days which motivated me to open up an account at World Sports Exchange ( They are offering 100% rake back which adds up very quickly. I also plan on playing more 2-7 triple draw as well as some Omaha to get ready for live cash game play in Vegas during the World Series of Poker.


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