Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Catch Up Week

The past week or so has been pretty crazy. Between going to four Red Sox games, playing golf, Easter, and some friends from college coming up to Boston, I have played very little poker. This week (tues-fri) I plan on getting back on track, my goal is to play 8k party poker hands. I find my best results are when I focus on playing hours/ hands opposed to setting monetary goals. Two thousand hands a day should be doable.

I’m also in the middle of reading three books, which I normally never let happen. I like to finish one before starting something new, but due to strange circumstances; jury duty, leaving a book at home when traveling, and what not, I have three unfinished books. I plan on making a serious dent in these books and maybe starting the Harry Potter series. I have been dead set against reading these books but with constant pressure from a few friends and family members I may give in and read the first one and reevaluate from there.

If I accomplish my goals this week I was thinking about heading to Atlantic City next week for a week of live Omaha. I am determined to learn to beat that stupid game. I may lock myself in the Borgata and play Omaha until I either go broke or learn to win!!

Red Sox scratch ticket update 5 tickets, -10 dollars, 2 entries to the grand prize drawing.

Also the sox finally snapped the curse of the Szymaszek yesterday with a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth; they are now 1-3 with me in attendance.


Blogger kara4481 said...

correction: only half of the curse of the Szymaszek's

...we'll see what happens May 1, when the Yanks stroll into town...

9:32 PM  
Blogger G.P. said...

"I plan on making a serious dent in these books and maybe starting the Harry Potter series. . . " NERD ALERT!!! <--(Austin Powers voice)

2:00 PM  
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