Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Friday, April 21, 2006

en fuego

Mission accomplished, I was able to play a ton of party poker in the past 4 days. I may have fallen a little short of 8k hands but results were great. The game is soo much more fun when I am playing / running well. Flopping pairs with AK and having my big pocket pairs hold up.

I played mostly 50-100 and won slightly more than my lifetime win rate in that game.

Some 30-60, where my win rate was slightly lower, but I was able to win for the week in that game too. I was down for my first 600 hands or so, before I was finally able to get in the black.

I also played a fair amount 100-200 hands, where my win rate was far superior to my lifetime average. Most of this profit came on Wednesday morning, when both games were shorthanded and there was a big fish in both of the games. I managed to hit a ton of hands in a short time period and won a bunch before he went busto on both tables.

My favorite hand came this morning in the 100-200 game. An overaggressive player raised UTG, and I three bet him next with KQ of diamonds, then a solid player in middle position capped it. I knew he had a big hand for sure. The flop came down 9 high all diamonds, we checked to the MP guy who bet, UTG called and I checkraised them both, they called. The turn was a small non diamond, I bet and they both called. Now the river came out another small non diamond, the first guy checked, and then I decided to go for the river checkraise. I was pretty sure the MP guy held an overpair. He bet UTG called and I was able to checkraise both of them again on the river. Aces and Kings down the drain. KQ sooooted rules !!!!


Spring week in college every year was a week long party. On the 20th of April every year we threw our annual “Steak and Bake.” Where we fired up the grilles and cooked a bunch of steaks. It’s been a couple of years but a friend decided to revive this party tomorrow down in Providence at his house. I’m looking forward to a fun day in the sun.

Then heading to AC for a couple days Omaha city here I come.


Blogger G.P. said...

let's get some numbers in there, kiddo, to go with the graphs, so they actually mean something. . .

2:35 AM  
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