Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Thursday, April 27, 2006

AC Hands

A week in AC. Since the week long hot streak of online poker, it has carried on into live poker and brief online stints from the hotel room. I feel like I am playing great and trusting my reads. Plus the added factor of getting off to a lead in most sessions always helps.

Before some of the lucky / well played hands, let me share the worst hand I played all week.

3 handed 80-160 Holdem. A solid player opens on the button, the spot in the game calls in the sb and I call with 35 diamonds in the BB. The flop came A28 with two diamonds. The SB checked and I bet; sigh, as soon as the chips left my hand I knew I screwed this hand up. The button called, the fish folded. The turn was an offsuit 6 and I bet, the button called. At this point I felt like the button was calling me down. The river came a duece and I gave up. I lost to the buttons J7 busted flush draw. I could have possibly played every street wrong in this hand. Preflop the call is close but I like playing pots with position on the spot in the game. Then I think its bad to lead this flop because the button is going to bet 100% of the time and its more likely the SB calls / peels on the flop vs one player opposed to both of us. Whatever, I really felt like I misplayed this hand based on tendecies of my two opponents.

Now lets talk about some of my lucsac hands.

4 handed 80 Omaha. SB open limps, I raise in BB with KQJ8 double suited. Flop comes, A96. SB checks I bet, he shows me AK and folds. Not sure what his other two cards were. Agression rules.

4 handed 80 Omaha, I raise on button with AK94, solid AC pro calls from SB, BB calls. Flop AAJ, SB bets, I call. Turn Q, SB bets I call. River 9, SB says, "I dont trust you" and checks, I bet, he calls. He shows me AK, nice river for the scoooop....runnnning good Matt !

80 Holdem, A friend and solid AC pro opens 2 off the button I three bet from the cutoff with 56 clubs. Flop J95, he check and calls. Turn 5, he check raises, I 3 bet he calls. River blank, he check calls. His top two pair down the drain...its better to be lucky than good !!

Boooze night

On Tuesday Night there were no big games going, so we decided we were going to play some 3-6 Holdem and have a couple beers before heading out to the bars. 4 of us were sitting in the same game and really firing it up. After about 13 people limp, I complete in the SB with 24 offsuit. The flop comes down 2-10-10, I bet out into this massive field with bottom pair crappy kicker. A friend of mine raised from second position, everyone else folded, I called. The turn came a 6, I checked and called. The River came another 6, giving me a final hand of 10-10-6-6-(4). Not a great kicker, so I did the only reasonably thing, checkraise the river. My friend bet and sees me putting in chips and says "I cant win." and mucks his hand face up....also having 2-4 for 4 high. We all managed to get a good laugh at this one.

Anyway all in all it was a great trip. I managed to get hot on Ultimate Bet and booked a nice win for the trip both online and live. Hope the hot streak continues.


Blogger G.P. said...

That was a balls-to-the-wall calldown with J7 there. . .what kind of snapped off bluffs did you show to merit that?

8:29 AM  
Blogger G.P. said...

Sorry I promise to try to improve my reading comprehension each and every day. . .

8:32 AM  
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