Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Monday, April 10, 2006


Since busting out of the Main Event Thursday night, I have not played much poker. I won a 500 Heads Up SNG and played about 25 hands of 1-2 on stars without making a pair.

So yesterday the options were, play the Sunday Tournaments or … go play golden tee and see where the day brings me. Seems like an easy choice. So around 2pm I headed to my favorite gangster bar next to the fleet that happens to have GT 2006 Live.

After putting in a solid 27 holes, and only witnessing 1 dude gushing blood it was time to go grab some Celtics tickets. Playing with the local scalpers is definatly one of my favorite activities. The same dudes trying the same scams everygame. Anyway, floor seats were found, ahh the benifits of living in city with a basketball team "out of contention."

Before walking to our seats, we needed to grab some drinks…Go Big or Go Home !!!

Upon sitting down, I see this cute girl next to us. For some reason she is sitting in the press area, kind of weird. Anyway, she stands up and man is she tall, and why is she walking on to the court?? It turns out to be Ailay Brown (sp?) from American Idol, who was there to sing the National Anthem.

The game seemed like a typical Celtics debacle, an early lead, only to get blow out in the 4th Quarter, by the Knicks.

There was a surprising amount of Knicks fans sitting next to us, who needed assistance in buying jack and coke’s. I have no quams, using the “you buy, Ill fly” policy for overpriced fleet center drinks. After the game it was still early and there was the urge to have a couple more drinks and catch the end of the Masters.

GG Phil. Best player to, "never have won a major," now has 3 in his trophy case.

The rest of the evening was somewhat of a blur. The last memory I have, is threatening the cab driver that I was going to throw up in the backseat, then getting angry at him for beginning to pull over and not bringing me straight home…


Blogger joeydonuts said...

you should have bumb rushed the american idol and told her you are a pro poker player and you play real goooooooooooooooooood

2:05 PM  
Blogger Lexipoooo said...

The rest of the evening was somewhat of a blur. The last memory I have, is threatening the cab driver that I was going to throw up in the backseat, then getting angry at him for beginning to pull over and not bringing me straight home <<< fav part.. usually you just roll the cab window down all the way, stick your head out... then when it stops ... get out and sprint ahead to make it home

I love Sunday Fundays.


11:27 PM  
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