Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Online Poker May Be Rigged??

Well after getting hammered playing party poker 100-200 recently, I decided to go back to what has proven to be my cash cow, multi-tabling 30-60. Party Poker has been my home field, but for some strange reason I decided to go give Poker Stars a shot. Playing a full day Monday through Thursday, I was able to compile 4 decent wins and regain some of my lost confidence.

Poker, specficcally online is crazy. When you are losing and can not win a pot, you think the software is rigged, everyone plays better than you, and no river card is safe. But when you are winning everything changes, you wonder how you could have ever lost at this game. Its soooo simple, you are dealt AK three bet someone, flop a K get paid the whole way by his JJ, man that guy is such a fish.

During my session today, one of my opponents who seems to be a pretty solid player but appears to be going on a downswing was whining in the chat box. I couldn’t help myself, I had to chime in.

ME: your really running bad
OPPONENT: Its rigged
OPPONENT: Dont you see ??
ME: of course, just glad its rigged in my favor
OPPONENT: I must say, that i find it highly irregular, what has happened on this table the last hour..
OPPONENT: Oddsvise it is impossible
ME: im up 500, seems pretty regular

Anyway poker can be the worst game in the world when you can’t win a hand, but the best game when you snap off 4 big pots at the same time on 4 different tables.

Tonight the NCAA returns, with the Sweet 16 games. I have done fairly well in most of my smaller pools, and in the one big one, I control my own destiny. I guess I could not have asked for much more, but need to pretty much run the table from here on in to scoop the big prize. My three key games in this round: I need Florida over GTwon, Zags over UCLA and Nova to oust BC.


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Blogger sirbampalot said...

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