Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

On The Road Again

The Spring Classic has arrived at foxwoods, so I made my trek down to the CT woods today for a 2 week stint of live poker and some NL tourneys. Three years ago when I first started playing poker full time after quiting my finance job, Foxwoods was my office. I logged hundreds maybe thousands of hours in the 2040 game. After the explosion of internet poker, and my bankroll growing, my hours slowly diminished at the woods. Then when I moved from Rhode Island to Boston, my time at foxwoods all but disappeared. Besides some random trips with friends, I only return to play poker twice a year, for the fall and spring poker tournaments. Everytime I get here, I hope they will be spreading a big hold'em game, and everytime I get her, I realize this will never happen. Every other poker trip I make I am able to find at least one 80-160 or bigger game, but not at foxwoods, here they spread 20-40 with the random 40-80 or 50-100. Today after busting from the first NL event, my options, were 20-40 Hold'em, 75-150 stud, or 75-150 HOE (holdem, omaha8, and stud8 rotating every 30 minutes). And since I have never played stud, my choice was between 2040 holdem or 75 HOE. I like the challenge of new games, plus this is a level where I can learn the game by watching some of the better players, while at the same time not lose too much money. I played for 5.5hrs, at my peak I was up 1200, and my low was down 1800, I finished a small winner.

The first event was the NL Double Play, a 2 day event Foxwoods created, which combines winners of single tables to compete in a Multitable tournament on day 2. Each player started with 2500 chips. On the second hand of play the player to my right criples an older man on my left by getting lucky on the river, leaving the old man with exactly 1000 chips in the form of 2 five hundred dollar chips. Before he had even stacked his winning, he leans over me, and asks the old man if he wants change for his chips...The old man just gave this kid a blank stare...I could read his mind, something along the lines of, you bleepen bleep, why dont you take my chips and bleepen bleep... hahaha

I managed to be elinited by this same kid about 2 hands later, the blinds 25-50, he opens for 500 from late position, and I decide to shove my stack in with 88. But I should have known this kid was trapping me by making this overbet with Aces to get my whole stack, ahhh gutta love tournaments !


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