Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Friday, September 01, 2006

F Mr Grant !!!!!

Nothing too exciting lately...I have been playing poker @ FullTilt like its my job. I have been playing alot of headsup and shorthanded limit holdem, with good results for the most part. I have been using "the trick," with a few modifications. The "trick" is a preflop strategy used when playing headsup when the button is the small blind (party poker has the button as the big blind). There have been a few opponents that have come up with ways to counteract my game plan, but for the most part I have been successful.

I have also been playing a lot of Omaha 8. Mostly 50-100, but some 100-200 and a session at 200-400. Kind of crazy/ stupid to be playing 200-400 Omaha when I'm not even sure if I can beat the 50-100 game. Anyway all in all I am a small winner thus far playing O8.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Vegas for a week. This will be pretty much a week long party with a bunch of good friends from college. I am bringing enough money to maybe sneak in a session or two of poker, but no biggie either way.

Today I stopped by the bank to pick up some cash from my friendly teller, when she decided she wanted to give me all fifty dollar bills (which I absolutely HATE!!). I nicely asked her for large bills. She in turn shows me the 50's, as if to say "these are large bills." I then ask for hundreds and she says "there are none in my draw." I kindly ask her to look in another draw. She explains they cant go in each others draws. At this point I am beginning to get a little frustrated. I explain to her that I am traveling and 50's just wont cut it. I couldn't imagine what she would have said if I explained to her that 50's "don't play" at Bellagio, which is true, if you have 50's on the table you cant use them, you can use 100's only. Anyway, after this ordeal goes on for a while I end up getting mostly hundreds after she "made a few trades." I will have to make sure I burn the unwanted 50's before I enter the poker room!


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Blogger kara4481 said...

'I have been playing poker @ FullTilt like its my job. ' <--- isn't is though??

11:15 AM  
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