Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Monday, July 17, 2006

Vegas Sovineirs

The last few days there has been very little poker. I managed to squeeze a couple live sessions in with mixed results, but for the most part this past weekend was filled with a little chaos to say the least! On Saturday night we had ringside seats to the Moseley - Vargas Fight.

When attending a sporting event like this with a group of sick gambling poker players you know there will be prop betting amongst ourselves as well as all of us loading up on one side of the fight, to "make it interesting." We decided to all bet Moseley for the win.

We also bet some of the prop bets offered by the house, which included a 6th round Moseley KO at 18-1 which a friend nailed for a cool $1800 profit. Besides the fight, the remainder of the weekend was spent bouncing between different clubs and bars all over the Vegas Strip.

Random PIX
Kimshi is one of my favorite late night (earlymorning) stops in Vegas. This is a Korean BBQ across the street from Stardust that is open 24hrs a day and tends to be just what the doctor order after a long night in Vegas.

Watermellon juice served at Bellagio tends to lighten the mood a little when you are getting burried in a cash game and dont have the mountain of chips in front of you that you began the session with.

And this one is my favorite. When you register for a World Series of Poker Event one of the many "perks" is that the RIO gives you a 10$ food voucher. So after playing in 9 events without hitting paydirt, I am left with a pile of 10$ food vouchers that cost me ~23k to remember my 2006 WSOP.


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