Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Main Main Event

Between the WPT and ESPN there seems to be a 10k event every couple of weeks. During the past year I have played 5 of these big events, but starting friday is THE MAIN EVENT. The World Series of Poker Main Event is the culmination of a 5 week stretch of smaller buy-in events, ending with a 6k+ person field. Anyway the field is so big they have to have four seperate starting days. I am beginning on day 2, Saturday July 29th...wish me luck and follow the action on pokerwire.

Lately I have logging a bunch of hours of live poker, nothing too noteworthy. I played in a shootout 100-200 holdem game. There was very little "poker" being played in the true since of the word. Most pots were 5+ handed with many preflop raises, and multiple people staying in all the way to the river and playing "showdown poker." Also played a session of BOTQ (badugi, omaha, triple draw, stud hi low regular), where I managed to spend the entire session clawing my back from an early deficit and book a modest win.

This past friday a bunch of us went to the Palms Friday Pool Party. We were able to get a poolside cabana and have a "few" Miller Lites and enjoy a fun day in the sun. Shane Schleger found a good picture of the group of us at the palms that he posted in his blog. I will leave you with a picture of the fashion show on the pool runway that the palms provided for us....


Blogger The Maine connection said...

Good luck Matt, we'll be rooting for you! And maybe we'll see you in Aruba ... Sept 24th to Oct 1st???? The Maine connection

9:37 PM  
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