Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Monday, February 13, 2006

The End is Near

With the third week in cali under way, I am pretty much ready to return to the snowy east coast. The tournaments are winding down here, the only 2 events left that I will be playing is the tag team event tomorrow, and the main event on the 16th.

A few days ago I made it to the final table in the 2500 limit holdem event. I was about average in chips the whole way then when we got down to about 15 players, I lost a critical pot with AA, that left me short stack fighting to make the final table. Once at the 10 handed final table it was a battle, only paying 9 spots, no one was willing to give up. I ended up finishing 7th when my JJ lost to Q10.

The next day was the 2500 NL event, I somehow managed to get my original stack from 5k to 30k in the third level. A pretty sizable stack at the blinds we were playing. But when my flush draw + overcards ran into a full house, I lost 7500 chips, and still had plenty of chips but for some reason in these NL tourneys when my stack takes a hit, I do not bounce back the way I should. I ended up bleeding my stack down to the final 6 or 7 tables before busting.

Then the biggest event here besides the Main Event was the 1500 Limit Holdem with rebuys. There were over 400 players, and first prize over 500k. I made it through day 1, and the final 57 players returned to day 2. I was slightly below average stack starting the day and could never get anything going, ended up finishing around 40th.

Heading into the city now to grab some food before going to the Jazz Lakers game. Should be a good time.


Blogger serge said...

good job matt !!! looking forward to reading about how you won the main event !!!

4:18 PM  
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