Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back to the Grind

Manny just reporting to camp (we hope), 32 days until opening day, and the weather in Boston lately being waaaay below freezing I’m finally getting serious again with the whole online poker thing. Spending almost a month in Cali, then about a week here without playing much, I played the full Sunday Circuit of tournaments, capped off with the recently added HORSE event on Full Tilt Poker. Nothing too exciting overall. I did cash once, where I made it fairly deep on party, into the top 100 out of almost 3k, their new deep stack structure is great, but there antes need to be altered.

My favorite recent hand, was a 30-60 limit hold’em on party poker, *sigh,* any hand from 30-60 party must be pretty great for it to be exciting since I have played about a million party poker 30-60 hands in the last 15 months. This has been my main online game, 4 tabling on party. So anyway here goes, 2 limpers and I get a free play in the BB with 64 hearts. The flop comes down 237 with two hearts, I bet out first limper raises, small blind calls, I three bet, limper raises and I cap. The turn peels off one of the three jokers in the deck, a non heart 5, giving me the stone cold nuts !! Again we get to cap the turn 3 ways. The river comes the ugly 6 of clubs, to make the final board, 76532, now the small blind bets into me, arghhh, I think he must also have a 4 for the straight, so I just call hoping to get an overcall from the third player and split his money. Now the third player raises, and the small blind only calls ?!? So he doesn’t have a 4 so I three bet and the limper caps. On the cap I’m thinking this guy played 89 of hearts like a maniac and made a bigger straight, we both call. The small blind turns over 77 for top set, and the good old limper turns over 73 for his two pair that he slightly overplayed. A world of emotions on the river, first I think I am chopping the pot, and then I think I got scooped then finally I realize party poker rules and I scoop the $1917 pot!

Heading to Rhode Island Wednesday to take care of some personal business, might stop by the old stomping grounds tomorrow night, and see if the new Foxwoods WPT Poker Room is open yet.


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