Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Land Down Under

With the current meltdown of online poker I can not think of a better time to go on vacation. I am heading to Australia over the next couple days (pretty crazy that its ~24hrs from Boston to Perth). My sister Aly has been studying abroad since August, and with finals just around the corner I better get there before she gets "too busy."

Tomorrow morning my sister Kara and I are heading to LA for the night before we leave Friday for "the land down under."

Once we finally arrive in Australia we still will have another five hour flight to get to the west coast of the continent (faarrrr Australia as I like to call it). Couldn't she just go to school in close Australia ????

After flying and flying and flying we will finally arrive on Sunday morning Australia time (whatever that means), and according to Aly, "everyone goes to the beach on Sundays."

After spending a long day cliff jumping I hope she is able to hook us up with some roo's!

She claims to have tried some cooked kangaroo and loves it. hmmmm.. Cant wait for some medium rare roooo !!!

No one seems to be really sure about anything and the state of online poker. Here is the best link that I have found that has everysite's public response to this new bill and how they plan on interpreting it.



Blogger kara4481 said...

sooooo excited!

3:20 PM  
Blogger anthony pagano said...

sooooooo jealous

9:50 AM  
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