Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Australia Trip Report ... Finally

I finally managed to upload some pictures from my trip to Australia. All the pictures are at the end.

My sister and I left Boston on Thursday, planning to spend the night in LA before heading to Wester Australia on Friday. When we finally landed in California (over one hour late) my sister Kara obviously forget her "makup" bag and we had to stop and reload her makeup supplies. When visiting the local pharmacy she also got "cash back," from the teller. From there we quickly took a cab to our hotel, showered/ changed and headed to Sunset Blvd to meet Ben and have a night on the town.

Once we arrived at one of the local watering holes, the shots were flowing followed by an endless supply of beers. When Kara went to hook us up with the next round of beers/ shots the bartender rips the corner of her newly acquired hundred dollar bill. After a few more moments tearing the bill she informs us, the bill is counterfiet!!! It is kind of funny that she gets the "fake hundo" when I deal with numerous hundred dollar bills on a regular basis and have never experienced a single counterfiet bill.

After stumbling back to our hotel at an unknown time, we quickly got some food and slept while mentally preparing for our lext leg of the journey, a 20+hr plane flight. Friday night, we loaded up on some sleeping pills and a few glasses of wine, to make the flight go by as quickly as possibly. I was almost instantly in zombie land, upon boarding the plane. When I finally awoke Kara tells me we are almost to Brisbine and that our flight sat on the LAX tarmac for a long time, and we were most likely to miss our connection to Perth . In Brisbine we get rerouted through Melbourne before finally landing in Perth about 8hrs later than we originally planned.

Once we arrived at Aly's crib, she took us out for some dinner in Freo, a small city close to her house. After a few hours of catching up it was time to head home and catch some shut eye. When waiting in the taxi que (australian taxi stands) Aly begins making small talk with this young attractive girl. I figured it was one of her friends, we decide to split a cab back to Murdock Campus. It turns out, Aly had never meet this person before, so we begin ridiculing the stranger with questions. After some prying it is finally revealed she works in the "sex industry." haha .. When arriving at our dropoff point, Aly handed the local hooker and few bucks (our share of the cab) and we headed home.

The next day, we headed to the beach...where I decided I didnt need any sunscreen...a clear mistake. I managed to turn myself into a nice violet color, that would linger for the next couple weeks. During the next couple of days we saw some of the sights in Perth and Freo and then at night we followed Aly's strict shedule of bars. Monday was half price pitchers, tuesday karoke, wednesday everyone went to campus bar, (you get the picture), alot of time for socializing when you are on the pass/ fail grading system.

When the week was finally over, I was left exhausted with alot of blurry memories!!!! A good trip, thanks for having us Aly!!

Me, Aly and Kara at the Murdock Campus Bar.

An assortment of Australian meats, including Kangkaroo

A dingo, one of the few animals you were not allowed to touch, that were kept behind an electric fence.
Surfs up dude. Kara and me, before we head into the frigid water for our selfing debut.

A refreshing beverage after a tough day surfing.

A roo and Kara

Some Koloa's

A bunch of Roo's lounging around in the petting park.

A peacock ?

hmm, there not bats, but very similar, as you can see

Not too sure what this guy is...but hes pretty ugly with some BIG ASS FEET

More of the batlike creatures
Entering the petting zoo

Our first Kangaroo sitting, this guy has seen better days.
Aly thinks its pretty amusing the way I eat a sandwich at the bus station.


Blogger kara4481 said...

yeah! Aussie trip report! what about Aussie Aussie Aussie....? haha, good times!

10:49 AM  
Blogger b10mass said...

damn im jealous
u suck

2:40 PM  
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