Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


To accompany my newest addiction of reading numerous poker blogs on a daily basis, I have decided I am going to attempt to follow suit and write a blog of my own on a “somewhat” regular basis. Not exactly sure what that means yet. I plan on posting some interesting hands, tournament or cash games, along with whatever may be on my mind at the time from where ever I may be....

So here goes … another poker blog, with a fair amount of nonsense mixed in.

The last event I played was Bahamas WPT event at the beginning of January, and since then it has been a strict diet of Party Poker. Although these past two weeks I have been running well, online poker is a great source of income but as far as getting the competitive blood flowing there is nothing as good as a little live, high stakes poker.

Tomorrow begins my favorite poker trip of the year, the LA Poker Classic at Commerce Casino, with the possibility of extending the trip to include an ESPN event in San Diego and a WPT event in San Francisco. Commerce is the biggest, nicest, best run poker room in the country by far. The food menu for the players is endless. On the east coast when you ask a waitress for a menu, your options are hot dog, hot dog or hot dog, while in LA you will have endless choices including baked chicken dinners, steak, salmon, and just about any Chinese, Tai or Japanese dish you can think of.

In the past I have gone to LA with the intent of playing mostly cash games with a few tournaments mixed in, this year I am planning on playing close to a full schedule of tournaments. The first event on the schedule is Fridays 1k limit hold’em, followed by an onslaught of NL events, including a tag team event where you and a partner alternate playing in 30 minute intervals. Looking forward to leaving the cold and landing in sunny California….


Blogger kara4481 said...

I like it. Finally, a little insight into the life of an expert...

11:39 PM  
Blogger glen said...

"On the east coast when you ask a waitress for a menu, your options are hot dog, hot dog or hot dog,"

Professional poker player and not comedian????

1:17 AM  
Blogger Chris Fargis said...

Hey, at least now you have something to do while you're waiting for me to update my blog.

5:33 AM  
Blogger Shane Schleger said...

Anytime you feel like updating your blog would be greatly appreciated.

10:51 PM  
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