Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Meatball Soup

Not much intersting happening in the city of angels. The tourney tally is now up to 4, 2 dinner breaks and one early exit, with no cashes. I plan on playing in a bunch more, so hopefully things will get better.

Cash games have been the equivelant of running in quicksand. Win a day lose a day, no real progress. Online I have still been running real well in the party games, although the swings are kinda gross at times, the overall end results have been great. When playing in these games the players tend to play in an "overaggressive manner" that can often be exploited with the "river checkraise," one of my favorite moves. I have decided to try to carry this over into the live games so far there has been mixed results. Two check behinds, and 3 times betting, twice calling the raise. But all three times the players were not very pleased to say the least. My favorite example:

I have just lost a series of pots and cant seem to flop a pair, when I am dealt AQ in first position and open for a raise, the next player, a middle aged asain, who plays real well and seems like the nicest guy in the room 3 bets me. I am a little skeptical he might be picking on the kid losing every hand, but pretty confident he has a big hand. The flop comes A-10-2 I check and call, the turn is a 4 I check and now he checks behind, a pretty sure indication he has a pocket pair. The river is a 2, making the board A-10-2-4-2, I check it to him again and this time he cant help himself but making the value bet, when I river checkraise him, he begins frantically studying me, and finally calls, shows me his two kings, racks up his chips and leaves without even playing his free hand. He clearly did not like being checkraised on the river, oh well ...

As far as the food goes, I feel spoiled here. Not that it takes much, but the raisin bran, english muffins, salmon, and chicken will do it!!! The best random thing, was the soup of the day a couple days ago, meatball soup, having never had meatball soup before, I figured it was exactly what it sounded like, soup with meatballs ...hmmm...and to make my day, it was exacty that !!


Blogger dukyboys said...

Hi Matt, don't know if you are a big fan of foxwoods but I go there quiet often with one of my friends who happens to make his living as an online poker player, if you ever end up going it would be a pleasure to meet you up there.


1:37 PM  
Blogger Jasper said...

I was there for that hand.

That guy is nice, he is from Hawaii.

I have played with you a few times during the Commerce tourneys, including 2/4 holdem, I had aces you had AK, we both went animal on the turn.

See you around,

8:28 AM  
Blogger Matt Szymaszek said...

yo jasper, yea I def overplayed that AK hand on the turn ... Are the one that went crazy with the K high flush draw on the on the hand you posted in the cutoff and I was in the BB with David Pham in the small blind ?

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Yousef Potts said...

I was there for that hand. That guy is nice, he is from Hawaii. I have played with you a few times during the Commerce tourneys, including 2/4 holdem, I had aces you had AK, we both went animal on the turn. See you around, Jasper

8:31 PM  
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