Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally !

Today I booked my first substantial winning session of the trip...probably the only reason this blog is being written. I guess I am not really in the mood to write when I am losing day after day. I have been playing 40-80 mixed games, 60-120, 1-2 and 2-4 holdem. I am still losing for the trip but at least have some confidence back after a solid win today.

some interesting hands....

200-400 holdem, the fish limps UTG, the cutoff raises, I flat call on the button with KJ of hearts, the small blind calls, and Johnny Chan three bets in the big blind, we all call ... nothing else of interest in hand, other than Chan sitting for a while while he was waiting for his 2million -4million mixed game

40-80 mix 2-7, I raise with 2357 get two callers, I make a wheel after the second draw, I bet, get called then raised, I three bet both call, river I bet and get raised again, after about 6 more bets, we realize we both made the nutz ...

60-120 holdem, 4 limpers, the cutoff raises, I three bet on button with AA, everyone calls, cutoff caps, flop comes down Q high, we cap it again, monster pot is built, by the river only three of us are left...cutoff and I both have aces and chop....booorrring

ahh thats all for now, Im tired and ready for bed...I think I am going to play the 2500 limit event tomorrow...prolly a small tough field but seems like the only events I ever build chips in are limit holdem, so I may stick with what I have had some success with.


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