Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Year in Review

It was almost one year ago to the day, a couple friends and I were driving our golf carts from the "halfway cafe" to the 10th tee at the Michael Jordan Golf Course in the Bahamas, drinking our Miller Lites, smoking our twenty something dollar cigars and eating some of the grossest hot dogs one could find. Life was good. While traveling with poker players the conversation inevitably turns to poker. Anyway it was on this tenth tee when we talked about our results for the previous year and what we saw happening in the year to come. It was my third full year playing poker and I had said that I made more each year, both of my playing partners said the same, they too had made more money every year since they began playing poker. We pretty much agreed that things should continue to get better in the future. Well that was about all I needed to secure the jinx.....

lets see if I can remember some of the year's highlights....

-Bahamas WPT event, made day 2 w/ good chips, lost bunch of races early, John Pham trapped me, busted in time to catch some sun
-JV 3 puts from 12 feet for eagle in big skin carryover, $500 extra birdie golf match, he did make a nice par though

-WPT @ Commerce, made it to day two, low chips, they had assigned the tables for day 2 by first name, I think I had 7 Matt's and 2 Mike's at my table...busted early
-played first live session of Badagi/ triple draw +10k, beginners luck obv
-played highest holdem Ive ever played, 600-1200, only had 1/2 my own action, takeover owns me (obv), small loss over 2 sessions

-WPT @Foxwoods, busted day 1, never got anything going
-Foxwoods has the crappiest limit holdem games in the country, tough to start a 40-80 game

-Trip to AC, vowing to learn to play better O8, booked a little win for trip

-WSOP begins, got a house in Henderson, sharpen my pool skillz
-Don't cash in any events, obv huge tourney donk
-Save my trip with a hot run on party
-Manage to have enough cash to blow in Vegas by having a winning trip in the 80-160 to 200-400 mixed games

-Shit hits the fan, first significant losing month in poker career, party poker 100-200
-Bought Rental Property in Dracut

-More of the same, another big losing month
-Senate Majority Leader Frist passes bill to attempt to stop online poker/ banking/ gambling

-pretty much living life on perma tilt
-Party Poker closes it doors to US customers
-WPT @ Foxwoods, no chance
-Struggle through entire Foxwoods trip, end up blowing a good chunk of change mostly the last 2 days
-sometime during this two month stretch I manage kick myself in the balls and attempt to get my act together
-finally have a little winning streak online to end out November

-solid month, playing a zillion hands between 10-20 and 30-60

: I suck at tourneys. Year end totals were down from 2005, and pretty close to my totals in 2004, but I have far from perfect records, which needs to change in the future.


2007 Resolutions/ Goals

-Keep better records
-Study/ learn tourney poker opposed to just dishing out thousands of dollars trying to learn on the fly
-Continue working/ studying other forms of poker, especially no limit cash games

-Run a sub 1:50 half marathon
-Bench my weight, 3 sets of 8
-play 25 rounds of golf

-Get involved in another piece of positive cash flow real estate
-Read 10 non poker books
-Continue to keep an active blog

Anyway, thanks for reading and Happy Holiday's to all !


Blogger G.P. said...

Now that you got the 92, you should add a pop-a-shot score of 100 to the list of non-poker-related goals. . . .

12:38 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

Dude, your year reads like some kind of fantasy sketch on SNL. Jealousy has set in...

11:03 PM  
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