Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Saturday, February 10, 2007


My flight out to cali, pretty much could not have been worse. The Long Beach Flight was delayed coming out of Boston. Once finally on the plane, my seatmate was a gigantic dude, who decided the armrest (plus a few inches on my side) were all his. Luckily I was able to sleep against the window for a few hours. But the six hour flight was a little over seven due to "crossing the jet stream twice." At least that's what my friendly monster next to me said. His dad was a pilot, his uncle was a pilot, his grandfather was a pilot (you get the picture), he knew everything, just ask him.

I played the first limit holdem tourney on Friday. I was pretty disappointed with my table draw. There was only one person I had not played with in a cash game before. Normally you can hope to get some low limit clueless (non aggressive) people, but this wasn't the case. Luckily for me the cards did better than break even and I was able to survive the turnover and by the fifth or sixth level some of the better players had been eliminated and replaced with some of the random donkey's I was expecting to begin with.

We finally got down to the money around 1am, with average stack a little over 20k, I had 19k so was in decent shape. But once in the money I did not win another pot. Playing 1k-2k your survival is dependent on winning almost every pot you play. Anyway my KK went down to A6s, 77 down to KK, AQ was forced to check fold, and finally my KT was unable to hold off Q8. Anyway, spending almost 12 hours playing this tourney was well worth the $255 of pure profit.

Good luck today to Feming Chan who is still alive in the final 13 players...


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