Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Running Bad

Ive been on a little hot streak the last 10 days or so in poker. Nothing significant monetarily but a pretty solid bb/100 number so it looks like I wont be living on the street come Christmas...


Anyway with the holidays approaching Ive been busy doing a bunch of errands and stuff that I have to take care of. Today I got my car inspected (about 3 months overdue), then decided to make my inaugural trip to the mall to begin my Christmas shopping. I live about a 15 minute walk/ 5 minute drive so 9 out of 12 months I probably make a visit about once every couple weeks BUT come Thanksgiving and sales and blah blah blah, I stay the F*** away. But anyway today I ventured into the overcrowded parking lot, and circled for a while before finding a lady coming out the door that I would follow to her car (pretty sick but I guess this is how you get a spot around this time of the year). Anyway after she loads her bags, fixes her hair, puts on her sunglasses, checks her mirrors, looks both ways, she is ready to go!! Ahh a spot at last. Now I'm walking around through the masses of people looking like a chicken with my head cutoff, knowing I need to buy so many gifts and knowing I don't want to come back but don't know what to buy anyone, or what stores to go to. Finally I decide to hit up BestBuy, where if nothing else I can get some DVD's for me (not very festive but hey, its Tuesday and that's when the new releases hit the shelves). Upon reaching the front door, I see the big metal gate is lowered, I walk up and read the sign, "Store Closed, Due to a broken pipe and a water leak." Ugh, possibly the busiest shopping week of the year, and Best Buy is closed at 2 in the afternoon! I wonder how Best Buy (BBY) stockholders feel about this ? That is truly running bad!


Blogger Jeremy said...

which mall? if its in the city i usually just take the ticket. boston is such a mess this time of year. glad im not coming back until the end of january.

2:14 AM  
Blogger Matt Szymaszek said...

cambridge side gallaria

12:56 PM  
Blogger G.P. said...

amazon prime - maybe they still have the trial offer - two-day shipping still in effect, buy today get on friday. If they dont still have the trial, just buy it. . .

1:29 PM  
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