Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Monday, February 26, 2007

Johan Storakers'ed

Made it through day 2 today. I finished with 75k with the average being slightly less than 100k.

The day turned out to be a day of making key folds. After folding about 10-15 hands I finally picked up AQ, ace of clubs and raised from first position. The small blind, who hadn't played a pot yet either, called my raise. The flop came Q75 with two clubs, he checked I bet 3500, he made it 8500 to go, I called the 5k in position. The turn brought the jack of clubs, giving me a flush draw, to go with top my top pair top kicker. With the pot close to 25k, the SB moved his remaining 30k. I decided to dump the hand and move on. Seems like top pair is never good in this spot.

Shortly after this pot, I was in the BB and it was folded to the fairly active aggressive SB, who also was in the habit of flashing me one of his cards!!! The benefits of the normally uncomfortable 4-7 seats!!! He shows me the Q of diamonds, then limps in the SB. Now that I have seen one of his cards, I need to see what I got. I look down at two eights, and put in a little raise in position, he insta calls with his Q-?. The flop comes Q-x-x, we both check, the turn he bets out 2100 or something, and I insta fold...this hand had to look a little funny to the table who was unaware of my hole card knowledge!

I was able to fairly quickly rebound from my slow start and build my stack to slightly over 80k, when I was moved to a new table. This table featured "Bodog Ari" who raised virtually everypot, literally everypot!

One of the few pots he didn't open, was folded to me in the SB where I locked down at two kings, I raised, the BB reraised, and I moved him in. He called, and showed me to two aces, to cripple my stack to 25K.

Luckily I picked up AK 3 out of the next 5 hands, with Ari putting chips in the pot, and folding to my reraise shove. And I was quickly back up to 40k. I slowly chiped up to slightly over 50k, when I could have gotten the break I needed to build a big stack!

In th 800-1600 level, I opened the pot to 4800 with two tens from the hijack seat, the cutoff makes it 11200 to go, and now Johan Storakers, decides to make the three bet reraise squeeze !!! I was defiantly calling the first raise, but now with the normally tight Storakers putting in the third raise my tens couldn't stand the heat and had to be put in the muck. The player to my left, agonized but eventually wasn't able to bring himself to lay down his pocket kings. Storakers was in bad shape when his 3-4 was unable to improve on the ten high flop !!!! Man if he could only lay down that 3-4 one time and let me take a flop, I would have surely gotten most of, if not all my chips in and had over a 100k with my set vs KK.

From that pot on, I was able to win a few small pots and end the night with 75K. Play begins tomorrow at 330Pacific, there is around 175 left, paying 54...wish me luck, 2.2million would make for a fun summer in Boston !!!


Blogger kara4481 said...

good luck! text updates always welcome....

10:26 AM  
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