Floating on Water

Floating on Water

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ship IT !!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while. The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy with the Red Sox amazing run!

At the beginning of the month I ran the Boston Half Marathon. My time (142:53) was a little slower than what I had aimed for. But I was pretty happy with the way I ran, and blame the time on a tough starting position which resulted in a slower start. I am already signed up for the Virgina Beach Half in March, and may do something else between now and then.
Somewhere in the middle of the month I won my seat to the Pokerstars EPT event in the Bahamas. So in January I will be heading to The Atlantis, which will most likely be the next live tournament I play.
A couple of weeks ago a friend of a friend was able to get 4 of us on to TPC Boston, in Norton. A pretty sick track! Fall is probably my favorite time of the year to play golf, then when you get to play a world class course it really doesn't get much better. My game was a little less than 'up to par' but my day was capped on the par 5 18th ( the hole tiger hit the massive 5 wood cut from the bunker this year). I hit my best drive of the day right next to the bunker tiger was in, leaving myself 230 to the green, 218 to the front edge and something just less to clear the marsh. Normally I would know better, and lay up and try to make birdie the traditional way. But I was goated into going for it, and crushed a 3 wood to the back of the green. Ended up making birdie which was a good for a flat on the hole...sigh sand baggers.
As far as poker goes, Ive been doing ok lately. I have been playing mostly small stakes NL. I think I have to continue to put in the hours and improve my NL game. There are just soo many more NL games online nowadays.

Anyway looking forward to the big matchup this weekend. GO PATS!!


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